OMG it’s The O.C.!

The O.C. has to be one of the best things humans have ever created – and I’m only slightly hyperbolic on this one. Like top 50 or so: definitely behind pianos and a bit before veggie pizzas in my personal ranking of cool things. And yet, The O.C. is still not on Netflix! I want to take the time here to thank my generous benefactor for the Netflix account I’m using and never had to spend a penny on.

I think everyone should watch it. The characters are so great. Seth Cohen is still the man – boy I guess is the appropriate term – I want to end up with; Summer is funny, witty and incredibly well-dressed; Ryan is sort of cute – in an American puppy kind of way – and nice; and if the kids were not enough, you get to feast your eyes on Sandy Cohen – Sandy for Sanford, not Alexander, interesting choice. And the best bit is when Marissa dies – I guess this is kind of a spoiler, but on material that is over ten years old, it’s on you really. I cry so hard every time.

Of course, as any self-respecting teen drama, there are a lot of adults pretending to be 16 and a lot of drama. You know: the usually mingling and appropriate amount of teenage lust; disappointing adults and overly involved teens; real-estate scams and hidden children; sprinkle a few alcohol and drug addictions and you get a great show.

And despite all those twists and turns and cool awesome characters, there is still one thing about The O.C. that is even better than this: the soundtrack. And guess what, that’s what we’re here for today! This week I’m sharing with you lucky kids 11 songs – because I couldn’t cut 1 more out to make it a nice 10, it was too hard – from The O.C. soundtrack that make it, in my opinion, one of the TV shows that had the best music.

Syd Matters – To All of You
(S3 E23)

A song dedicated to all the dreamy American girls from the French band Syd Matters. You might want to check out their song Hi Life too, it has the same vibe as the gloomy summer we’re experiencing right now.

Sam Roberts – No Sleep
(S2 E13)

If you’re a fan of bilingual songs – probably quite niche – this is just for you. This French/English mellow song with a mild retro feeling is coming to us from Canada, and they know a lot about bilingualism.

Modest Mouse – Float On
(S1 E23)

A few years ago, I fell deeply in love with Modest Mouse. A few months ago, I realised Modest Mouse songs are played at 4 different times in The O.C.. Was it the seed of my Modest Mouse love?

Phantom Planet – California
(Opening Theme)

Before Jason Schwartzman wore ankle revealing trousers for Wes Anderson, he played the drums in California with Phantom Planet.

LCD Soundsystem – Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
(S2 E19)

In the show, this song is played during a house party, after they’ve played Daft Punk. Cute, right! LCD Soundsystem was also played multiple times throughout the show.

Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
(S2 E24)

Funny story, I actually met Imogen Heap a few times. She’s a giant and she’s really chatty. Anyways, we owe Jason Derülo’s Whatcha Say – the ü does not make sense, but it’s there, so here you go Jason – to this song. Her music was also featured in The O.C. four times and one of those was Marissa’s death, so you know it’s deep.

Sufjan Stevens – For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti
(S3 E15)

Apart from an impressive number of Christmas songs, Sufjan Stevens has written about his home state of Michigan – and also Illinois – and this is where this sweet folk tune comes from – Paradise and Ypsilanti being two towns in Michigan. And Sufjan is yet another musician I have fallen in love with that was played throughout The O.C., I see a trend here.

Joseph Arthur – Honey And The Moon
(S1 E1)

Sweet song about love past with a small folk taste. Joseph Arthur was also a third of Fistful of Mercy, you know, with Ben Harper.

Eels – Saturday Morning
(S1 E15)

I have decided to love waking up early a few months ago. This is a great song to wake up with, it will get you pumped for Saturday morning, 6 am, trust the early-riser I have become.

Sparklehorse – Return To Me
(S4 E11)

Like most Sparklehorse songs, it feels painful in the most beautiful way. It’s one of those songs that can make you cry because it’s just so damn beautiful.

Coconut Records – West Coast
(S4 E10)

Guess who’s back in The O.C. soundtrack? Jason Schwartzman again, but this time as Coconut Records. He offers us another song about longing for a love past, but a bit less sad than Sparklehorse.


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