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The music lover’s guide to London

London:  located in the Southern part of the United Kingdom, commonly referred to as England, is a city where over 8 million humans and an undisclosed number of foxes and squirrels live. The city also contains 13 zoos and city farms, about 280 museums, 21 buildings taller than 100m and countless numbers of houses (below the 100m mark).

Now this all seems swell and merry, but there is somewhat of a problem with the thing – probably more if you ask me or the foxes, but that is another issue. See, when you gather that many people, institutions and buildings in one place, you can observe a curious phenomenon: everything becomes more expensive than in the places where you can count all the houses.

My dear grandmother would say I just need more money – “Why don’t you just work more Blanche?” (add French accent for a perfect re-enactment of the scene). Well, grandma, I’m a student. And a slacker. And a drifter. And a low-roller. But I still need fun…

Do you too have this problem? Do you love music and fun but hate spending money? You do …? I can already tell we’ve got so much in common!

Well then, What We See From The Cheap Seats will prove an invaluable ally to you, the music lover who wants to see – and listen to – the marvels of the capital for under 20 pounds a show and enjoy other cheap musical treats.

So keep your eyes peeled while we go on some cheap musically fun adventures in London!

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