Old friends

Winter break happened. I was looking forward to this one, because it meant I didn’t have to go to uni – yaaaaaaaaaay! Oh and that I would go back to France and see lots of people and places I hadn’t seen in a long time.

While I was away enjoying my time off, something unexpected happened. See when I was in primary school, I made three friends – that’s a lot right, but I’m so cool, makes sense. And growing up, we kept in touch. Well until we got to about 20 or so, but then one of us had a kid – not me – and it got harder to see her, and even when we did, it was different.

It felt like we just weren’t on the same page; I guess it makes sense:  a child to take care of sure makes my little adventures seems a bit futile. This winter, after a while not really seeing or talking to each other, I saw her again. And it was amazing, it was not like before but it was just as good.

So this week, I’m listening to Girlpool’s Before The World Was Big. It’s not that my French visit made me miss my countryside or being a child, but that’ll be a cute song to remember the fun stuff to. It has a sweet glockenspiel to open, then an easy guitar melody and borderline shouty vocals: perfect.

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