Wednesday night at the Islington Assembly Hall

Have you ever seen someone wear a Dr Dog t-shirt? I hadn’t – ever – up until Wednesday when I went to a (Sandy) Alex G, or just Alex G – it’s not too clear to me at that point -, concert at the Islington Assembly Hall. There, I saw three of them – the Dr Dog people that is.

We were treated to not one, but two really noisy opening acts. First, Porridge Radio – two great things around breakfast time – which is a 5-piece band from Brighton – obviously – including a pretty screaming girl and a keyboard player with a sense of fashion as special as her dance moves. Second offering was Sorry – not the most Google-friendly name, but eh, still a better name than Arctic Monkeys – which was also extremely loud.

Now, my ears have rested and I’m at home, listening to the two bands and they actually sound great. Nothing like the noisy mess I witnessed on Wednesday. The balance of all the instruments and vocals was way off – even though we were presented with a pretty standard rock-ish band line up. And it made the songs sound like a soup of noise instead of the coherent pleasant melodies with good vocals that they are.

Alex though brought his own sound guys; which proved to have been a great idea because then we could actually make out some of the lyrics and hear the different instruments. Turns out Sportstar sounds better live. What surprised me the most was people’s desire to start moshing and head banging to Alex G – who the hell feels like Sarah is the song for that? Oh and how hot the guitarist with him must have looked shirtless.

All in all, if I could see any of those bands live again, I’m not sure I would. Maybe Sorry. If  they played nearby in a tiny venue. But I am excited to give their released material a listen and to keep listening the Alex G.

Another lesson I learnt from this night is that I will not spend more than £15 for a show at the Islington Assembly Hall – probably won’t go higher than 10 unless it’s an act I really want to see really. The venue itself looks amazing and it has an air of grandeur that I am really fond of and the location is quite convenient for me; but the sound was even poorer than some crappy local festivals I have attended, which should not be acceptable for a fully equipped venue.

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