Comfort is back

I made the two best purchases of my life this week: a double duvet and nasal spray.

For years now, I’ve longed for a wide duvet so that I could realise my wrapping fantasies; I finally bought one – I feel like I’m a real adult now – and it did not disappoint. The wrapping opportunities provided are as amazing as I imagined.

The nasal spray, I have been wanting for a little less time than the duvet, but it is as satisfying as the duvet. I have had a mean sinusitis for six months straight; last month, it started getting considerably meaner. I am happy to report that I can finally breath.

The wrapping and the breathing have helped me experience extreme comfort. So this weekend, I just want to stay in bed and enjoy it before the novelty wears off; and I will be doing this with Mitski – whom you can catch live in London next month. Her new single Two Slow Dancers (2018) is melancholic and sad, which is I believe the perfect mix for cosying up in bed.

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