This was it

Believe it or not, but I once – in the not-so-distant-past – was 19. And something quite wonderful happened to me in that year: I read all the Harry Potter books and I developed a mild obsession for the whole thing. But that’s not the only special thing that I discovered I loved then.

I – like many of my kind – was uninspired by the whole life thing and my interest for what I was doing – my studies – was… limited – we could call it non-existant. And just like I’m doing these days with graduation in the not-so-distant-future, I was starting to wonder: Is this it? Is it really it? I don’t mean to sound negative, but if this is all there is, “the whole life thing” has been grossly over-hyped!

And that is when I heard – well rather listened, listened for real – to Hard To Explain for the first time. And from then on, I – like many of my kind – developed another mild addiction, one for The Strokes! When I listened to their songs, I felt like I was young. Not just by age, but inside too. Like young. Like I was reminded of the definition of fun.

To this day, I still love their debut Is This It and listen to it and other later Strokes albums regularly and it makes me feel exactly the same – it’s kind of like comfort food, but in music form. So here’s Hard To Explain (from Is This It, 2001), for us to remember to be young and stupid sometimes and to get up to no good while we can.

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