Sunday night at the Moth Club

Guys, have you ever been to the Moth Club? Well, I went on Sunday – my first time! This place looked awesome! It’s in Hackney – why not – and oh! it has the coolest ceiling… like rivalling the Coliseum’s. It’s a beautiful – beautiful!! – wavy gold glittery ceiling. A gold glitter fucking ceiling! The band did not even have to play, I was pleased already.

So the band playing was Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts and opening was Holly Holden y Su Banda – who wore ceiling-matching outfits which probably was the best idea ever had in the whole history of ideas! The glitter-wearers played some fun tropical-vibey sometimes slightly reggae-sounding popish songs; I’m not mad at it, not in love, but it’s cool and sounds good.

Now Jeffrey Lewis was great. I liked that he alternated between some of his folk songs and some of his more punk songs. It kept it dynamic and forward-moving. The drummer looked like a giant behind the tiny drum kit and Jeffrey was being darling: he did some witty poems and showed some – not one but two! – of his super fun and cute “low-budget documentaries” as he calls them. And I must say, I loved that the band was manning the merch stall themselves.

The glittery ceiling + the tropical fun songs + plus lovely Jeffrey and his acolytes made for a great night for the measly price of £14.30 per ticket – do get down to the Moth Club if you can.

I am aware that Jeffrey Lewis’s singing style is probably an acquired taste; but it translates very well live and I think you should catch one of his gigs if you ever can. Beware though: it’s louder than one might think!

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