I don’t wanna, I don’t think so!

I’m ill. You know how ladies make fun of men for being real bad at handling being sick? I’m like the men those ladies talk about – minus the penis and the beard I suppose. I mean, if I’m gonna suffer, I sure as hell won’t do it in silence. Everybody will know about it.

So this week, being riddled with illness – just a cold, but it still counts – I did nothing but sleep and moan about feeling crappy. Those have been my two main hobbies for the past 5 days or so, and it’s not cool.

This has given me a lot of time to think and try to get to understand where the illness came from. I’m gonna go ahead and assume that my friend coughing straight in my mouth on Saturday night might have something to do with it. Seriously, he was standing there – slightly drunk –  talking to me, I laughed, and boom! He just coughed in my mouth, without even realising what he was doing.

I suppose the tiredness did not help either; for about a month, I’ve just been completely tired and done with whatever it is I have to do – I can tell you, minimal university work has been done. Every time I have a class, work or whatever engagement, I just think of that line from Sonic Youth’s Kool Thing. The one that goes “I don’t wanna, I don’t think so”. Yet I always make it – you can call me Wonder Woman.

So after this whole week of comatose-y afternoons, I thought it would be nice to gather for you the songs I love to listen to when I’m sleepy and done with everything – you’re in for some real fun!

1 – When The Sun Hits – Slowdive (Souvlaki, 1993)

It’s dreamy and rocky; it makes you want to dance really slow with your arms up and your head down, looking at your shoes.

2 – Crying Tears Of Gigantic Consequences – Model 86 (Jupiter Sounds, Vol.1, 2015)

I feel like if planets made music, this would sound something like that.

3 – Life’s A Bummer – R.L. Kelly (Life’s a Bummer, 2016)

Life is really a bummer when you’re ill – yes, even when it’s just a cold. Pretty guitar and pretty vocals make it all seem like way less of a bummer though.

4 – A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut – Have A Nice Life (Deathconciousness, 2008)

The bio they have on Bandcamp reads as follow: “Doom, gloom, drone, death”. You can hear all those words in the music and it’s beautiful.

5 – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space – Spiritualized (Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, 1997)

Lots of nice layers of noises, with distant vocals; it’s perfect for those moments when you are in that am-I-dreaming-or-am-I-awkae state.

6 – Stay In Bed For Days – Ricky Eat Acid (You Get Sick; You Regret Things, 2015)

The title of the song and of the album is incredibly apt. It sounds just like what you’d imagine from the title.

7 – Eisprinzessin – Paysage D’Hiver (Die Festung, 2009)

Eisprinzessin – this is German – translates as ice princess and paysage d’hiver – this is French – as winter landscape. The cascading high-pitched noises really evoke this cold theme to me.

8 – Can’t Hear Well – Liars (Mess, 2014)

I have been listening to Liars’ Mess a lot in the past month. One of my favourite at this time.

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