The ones I really love

Last year, on the second week of December, my friend got married. I’m not quite convinced by this whole marriage business in general – the forever part is not really my cup of tea – but that’s her thing, so mazel tov.

I met this friend at university, back in 2011, when we both started studying languages and linguistics – I don’t mean to brag, but I met her before her husband. With a bunch of others, we used to spend a significant part of our time together; we even lived together.

After graduation, we all went our separate ways – only geographically. This one moved to Spain then Japan, another one to Norway, some are in Germany, France, one even spent some time teaching in Saudi Arabia. And I washed up in London – underwhelming.

Isn’t it weird how some people you used to spend so much time around are now having adventures and fun that don’t include you in the slightest? Or how people you used to know are starting to be erased from your memory?

So, this week I’m rejoicing because I have still not forgotten my good friends living far away and they haven’t forgotten me. To celebrate this, I gathered the 10 sweetest and prettiest songs I know about love!

1 – Sing to Me – Walter Martin with Karen O (We’re All Young Together, 2014)

Taken from an album of children music, it is beautifully simple and moving. Also, they kind of yodel, which, I believe, is always a plus.

2 – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – Neutral Milk Hotel (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, 1998)

When I listen to this album, it makes me feel like Jeff Mangum – who wrote most of the songs on it – found the prettiest thoughts in my brain and put the prettiest words on them.

3 – I’ll Be Your Mirror – The Velvet Underground and Nico (The Velvet Underground & Nico, 1967)

When you feel crappy about yourself, it’s nice to have someone like Nico telling you you’re an okay person.

4 – For You – Charlotte Sometimes (The Wait, 2011)

This song popped up when I was looking for the Cure’s Charlotte Sometimes. Since then, I often find it is stuck in my mind and I end up singing it to myself.

5 -As You Turn To Go – The 6ths (Hyacinths and Thistles, 2000)

For the Katie Holmes fans – not sure there are many of them out there – this song was featured in the film Pieces of April; the soundtrack was great and the story sweet.

6 – Everyday – Buddy Holly (Buddy Holly, 1957)

Buddy sounds incredibly happy in this song. Coupled with the celesta, it’s too cute to be ignored.

7 – Oooo – Karen O (Crush Songs, 2014)

We’re doubling up on the Karen O in this list; can you ever get enough of her though?

8 – Just Like Fred Astaire – James (Millionaires, 1999)

Do you know someone who makes you feel the magic of old Hollywood just by being around?

9 – I Like You – dandelion hands (It’s All In Your Head, 2016)

With its distant and ethereal reverb-y sound, dandelion hands offers us this dreamy and sweet sweet song.

10 – Your Kinda love – Scott Mannion (Your Kinda Love, 2017)

I can’t quite tell if this is really a love song or not, but it sure sounds lovely to me, so here it is for you!

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