K-popping up here

Halloween is coming up and I like dressing up. So obviously, I went out for some shopping – a cheap red veil is hard to find by the way. And in the shop, we heard a song that features a K-pop act singing in Korean – and English too. I like that song, when it was released last week, I listened to it on repeat.

What bothers me about the whole K-pop thing is that I didn’t like it up until everybody here started to like it too. I’m so not special. My old housemate made us listen to K-pop all the time and we always made her stop really quickly. Fast forward four years, I listen to the same songs and I’m enjoying it.

Anyway, for this Sunday, here’s the song that I heard in the shopping centre. I’m not one for Dua Lipa at all, but with Blackpink, I’m into it.

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