You again, seriously!?

It’s Saturday night. Again! I feel like Saturday nights just keep coming and I swear they can’t be seven days apart – they sure don’t feel seven days apart lately.

And once again, I’ve let this week go by without thinking about what I could possibly write about this week – don’t judge me, I’m busy, ok? Now, it would be fine, had the inspiration and the desire to work hard tonight showed up at my house.

Instead, I just feel like watching Queer Eye tonight. I’m starting to develop a taste for reality TV; we can’t have that, but tonight I’m caving in and indulging. This reboot of Queer Eye is just as enjoyable as the French version that I watched back in the days by the way.

So, I’m making this quick and leaving you with Garbage’s Queer. It’s such a cool sounding song and it feels like a nice blast from the past.


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