Sunday night at the Phoenix Artists Club

I went to a spoken word/poetry night and it was actually fun. Let me set the scene. It was last Sunday night, I ventured into the Phoenix Artists Club – oooooh my first time! – and there it happened, I witnessed a poetry open mic night – I watched it on purpose – and I liked it.

It was the SpeakEasy event that is organised every month. At this event, some young and less young poets – I suppose that’s what they are – share the things they’ve been working on and writing recently and we’re treated to some “acts” in between the open mic bits.

I have to say there were some pretty cool poems; I don’t mean to be rude and not supportive, but I most certainly was not expecting to be impressed. Yet I was. We heard quite a few about growing up – I guess all of us youngsters are not too keen on the concept – and a lot of them seemed to be about sex, but that might just be me projecting.

About the Phoenix Artists Club, I was impressed by how cheap the coke was. I got a coke for £3. Three pounds for a pint of coke in central London?! I was pleased with that, I thought I misheard when the bartender told me. It did look quite cool as well, if I didn’t hate musicals, I bet it would have been perfect.

Anyway, next time your weird housemate asks you if you want to tag along to the poetry night maybe you should say yes instead of giving the frown I got when I asked my friends to come with me.

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