When you’re feeling uneasy

I woke up this morning and something did not feel right. What didn’t feel right you ask? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the month-long lockdown spent living alone; maybe it’s the job applications – and the rejections that usually come with those – that are waiting for me; maybe it’s the off sensation of having nowhere to be for the foreseeable future; or maybe the weird dream I just woke up from.

I’m feeling that weight that’s not too heavy to carry but not light enough to be comfortable. I’m feeling uneasy. And today, yes today, I am getting out of that worried funk. My plan of action is as follow: I’ll have a hot chocolate – chocolate always helps. I’ll play some music and sing so loud my lonely neighbour will hear it all – and as I do when I hear him be alive, he’ll be happy to be reminded he’s not the last living person on earth. And I will dance – it’s more like flailing, dancing is not where my talents lie at present.

Here is my playlist for you if you are feeling uneasy. And if all else fails, you can always put on your favourite song and shout along.


keep on rocking – CHAI (keep on rocking, 2020)

The poppy uplifting melodies make for a fun song that will stay in your mind long after its 3 minutes 36 seconds have passed. If you happen to play The Sims 4, you might hear this song in game when your sim listens to the “S-Pop” radio station.

Lisztomania – Phoenix (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, 2009)

We’ve probably heard this one loads, but it is still appreciated and it does not fail to make me want to dance.

Posters – Jeffrey Lewis (City & Eastern Songs, 2005)

It’s energetic and loud, great for some shouting along. Jeffrey Lewis’s music feels like punk and folk all at once.

Gigantic – Pixies (Surfer Rosa, 1988)

I don’t love many songs about huge dongs, but Gigantic always hits the spot.

Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits – The Magnetic Fields (69 Love Songs, 1999)

69 Love Songs is full of, you guessed it, love songs. They’re fun, cute sometimes sad, and this one in particular is also a bit naughty.

I’ll Have To Dance With Cassie – God Help The Girl (God Help The Girl Soundtrack, 2014)

A nice song from a nice film, I loved hearing Emily Browning sing. It was Stuart Murdoch’s – yes of Belle and Sebastian – first film and it gave me the same feelings as his songs.

I Killed The Monster – Daniel Johnston (Artistic Vice, 1989)

My favourite Daniel – yes other Daniel, deal with it. The lyrics are heartfelt and heart-warming; “right to the end, I was my friend” particularly stands out to me. It’s a nice reminder.

My Pug – Nicole Dollanganger (Ode to Dawn Wiener: Embarrassing Love Songs, 2013)

Don’t we all wish we had a significant other we’d love us as much as Nicole loves her pug? 

Ghost of Corporate Future – Regina Spektor (Soviet Kitsch, 2004)

Regina is full of good advice here. I too believe that one should take off both of their shoes whatever chances they get.

Rake – Sufjan Stevens (A Sun Came, 2004)

After all that flailing around, it’s nice to finish by gently swaying with Sufjan Stevens before getting on with the day.

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