Wednesday night at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Last year, I fell in love with Mitski – you can read all about this here. So when this year she released Be The Cowboy, I was excited not only because it meant new material from Mitski but also with a new album cycle comes the very likely chance of a tour.

Armed with about £17, I booked my ticket. When Wednesday finally came, I was tired and grumpy – the grumpiness increased when I remembered the show was is Shepherd’s Bush. By the time I left, I was completely satisfied.

Mitski’s performance was engaging and taking; from beginning to end, she was captivating. The emotional intensity built with the songs – each came with a great interpretative dance from Mitski herself – : she came on stage in a beautiful pleaded skirt and a draping white blouse, composed and almost stern, by the time she left the stage she was dancing and jumping while still remaining strangely elegant. The woman knows how to put on a show.

The opening act was also a treat. This was my first time hearing EERA, and I would do it again. The venue turned out to be surprisingly pleasant too: I got free ear plugs and water and it is one good looking building, but most importantly, the sound engineers did an amazing job.

Next time Mitski is in town, I’ll be there too – even if I have to spend more than my usual £20 limit.

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