Who needs sleep anyway!

It all started about three weeks ago. A university deadline was coming up and I had nothing; not a single word or research done and time was flying by. So what does a student like me – so busy during the day and so unenthusiastic early in the morning – do in such a dire situation? Well, once you’ve eliminate everything not essential to survival – showers and social life are the first ones to go –  you just stay up late and don’t go to sleep. So now, even though the deadlines are in the past, I have caught a bad habit. I cannot fall asleep before it’s well into the night.

So for you this week, I have gathered the songs that I sing to myself when I’m going crazy at 4 in the morning!

1 – Fireworks – Radiator Hospital (Torch Song, 2014)

Sometimes, at 4 am, you just want something sweet.

2 – The Biggest Lie – Elliott Smith (Elliott Smith, 1995)

And some other times, you need something a bit sadder, that reminds you of all the lies you shouldn’t have told.

3 – Don’t Watch Me Dance – Little Joy (Little Joy, 2008)

No one should ever have to watch me dance. Lucky for all of us, this one just makes me gently sway.

4 – Hi Life – Syd Matters (Brotherocean, 2010)

It’s my favourite song to whisper along to in the middle of the night.

5 – Chelsea Hotel #2 – Leonard Cohen (New Skin For The Old Ceremony, 1974)

Oooh how dirty and delicate the songwriting master was.

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