Sex baby!

So next week, it’s Valentine’s Day. I must say, I don’t care for such events and dates. It’s like Father’s Day, I just don’t see the point they’re trying to make at all. I find them cheesy.

There is always an idiot that tells me that it’s because I’m not in a relationship – and if we’re lucky it’ll remain this way – but I have a mother – and I actually like her – and I find Mother’s Day just as dumb and lame, so I really don’t think that’s it.

So, for this “special” – not in a good way – day, I made a playlist of my favourite sexy songs and songs about sex. Fun, right?

1 – Pagan Poetry – Björk (Vespertine, 2001)

It’s delicate, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s full of noises coming from everywhere, it’s simply an amazing song.

2 – Navy – Kilo Kish (Homeschool, 2012)

There’s a great laid-back atmosphere here and the lyrics where she references different celestial bodies and space stuff are really cool.

3 – Cool Slut – Chastity Belt (Time to Go Home, 2015)

Girls just wanna have fun, if that includes trying “to bone everyone”, let’s just be cool sluts.

4 – Snake – P.J. Harvey (Rid Of Me, 1993)

Rid Of Me is the sexiest album ever to me. It sounds so dirty and loud and sexual and energetic, how could it not make you want to get it on?

5 – Her Father And Her – Adam Green (Garfield, 2002)

Last time I talked to you about Adam Green was in my death playlist. Coincidence?? On another note, what a weird inappropriate title for a song about sex but isn’t the line “it makes me feel just like old gum” really good?

6 – Meet Me In The Bathroom – The Strokes (Room On Fire, 2003)

That song does the job quickly. Seriously, those verses are like two lines, straight to the point.

7 – Hotel Song – Regina Spektor (Begin To Hope, 2006)

It’s always nice to finish with Regina, don’t you agree? Well, I sure like it. It’s playful, a bit cute, a bit dirty; in other words perfect.


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